Transition and Transformation

By: Ilene Dillon, MSW

We are in a time of tremendous Transition and Transformation. We’ve been promised to have a better life after passing through this tumult. How do we get ourselves ready, fast enough, to end war, bullying, anger, fear, anxiety, etc., so we can enter a time characterized by Peace and Love?

We’ll need to find some ways to change ourselves rapidly. We’ll also want to bring our children along, offering them the opportunity to stay connected with their true selves, from the start of life. Information, support, tools, teachers and focus are now available to help us begin this magnificent change. I plan to be leading the charge. Are you and your children ready?

In the late 1980’s, I attended a workshop with Jacque Purcell of Concept Synergy. He spoke of how time appeared to be speeding up. “It is imperative to do your ‘shadow side’ work,” he cautioned. The speed-up, he said, would cause people to veer off track very quickly. (Shadow side work is merely looking at things normally hidden from us, like deep fears, limiting beliefs, and “inherited” patterns of living.) Purcell promised that by doing our shadow side work, we’d be able to observe as others veered off the path, while we ourselves stayed steady. It was motivating; I accepted the challenge.

Purcell also told us everyone’s intuition would be increasing. This ability to tune in to our own inner knowing, whether we call it “intuition,” “what’s in my heart,” “God’s voice,” or “spidey senses,” would be doubling every year, Purcell advised. That proved true for me.

Watching these developments the past 30 years has been amazing. As a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1972, and an Internet radio host (Full Power Living, 2004-present), I’ve been privileged to read cutting-edge authors, who write about Transformation. Dr. Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief), Gregg Braden (The God Code), Michael Brown (Alchemy of the Heart), Dianne Collins (Do You Quantum Think?), Guy Finley (Let Go and Live in the Now), and Marilyn Schlitz, director of IONS (Living Deeply), and many others, all address the change in energy and direction now available to us humans to assist our passage through this Transformation.

Recently, such authors have announced a deep, vibratory change that gives humans capabilities that have not been possible for us previously. Dr. Eric Pearl (The Reconnection), for example, offers that everyone can be a healer, by doing simple work with energy. In summer of 2013, I took Dr. Pearl’s basic class. I discovered I can heal the physical pains of others and myself, with only hours of instruction, something I previously did not believe myself capable of doing.

Next, I encountered Daniel Rechnitzer (The ALL-Knowing Diary) and his lovely wife, Sonja (Natural Pain Free Birth). They assert that people everywhere have the ability to tame their ego, set aside limiting beliefs, and communicate with their own Higher Self (HS)! Through communication with your own Higher Self, it’s possible to communicate with the Higher Self of others. Key for me is that Sonja—who gave pain free birth to a daughter in June, 2013–demonstrates this is also possible with our own children! I’ve been able to learn how to do this, too.

Imagine your child is experiencing problems at school. You don’t know what to do. You connect with your own HS, then with your child’s HS, asking what, exactly, your child needs in this situation. What changes need to be made? His/her HS will tell you. Your job is to share the message and help your child make those changes!

Imagine you and your teenager are having difficulties. You consult your HS and theirs, learning what each of you need to do differently! Not only can you learn to consult HS, however, but your child can learn to consult his/her HS, too! This opens the possibility that your teen can routinely get tailor-made answers from his or her own Higher Self! How much easier that is than being the full-time “go to” person. You’ll no longer need to “guess” best solutions, rely solely on internet searches, or attend therapy.
Since I began teaching Parenting Consciously classes (mid-1970’s), I’ve taught that our world is a “giant school.” We all come here in order to learn and grow. Our childhood experiences provide us our “homework” (for life). We work on our “homework” until we learn it, or we leave the earth. In this School, every experience gives opportunity for growth. Lessons are repeated and repeated (with each presentation becoming harsher, to get our attention), when we don’t learn them. The instant we learn the lesson, however, we’re free to “graduate”. Patterns repeated over decades can disappear, immediately.

Looking at the world in this way is enormously freeing. We can embrace our learning, and move through “problems” easily and quickly. In fact, those “problems” become more like “puzzles,” which we can actually enjoy solving! This perspective also supports the Rechnitzer’s newer message: all of us can now tune in to our Higher Selves and get instant assistance in living our lives. We no longer have to stumble around, “wondering” what could possibly need to be changed! Instead, we can get immediate—and lovin—help.
Summer of 2013 has been my time for welcoming this new vibration, learning to heal energetically and communicate with Higher Self. For years, now, my intuition has been getting better, just as yours likely has been. You may have been connecting with your HS through prayer, meditation and other forms of worship or contemplation. Now, we all can connect instantaneously and deliberately, and get immediate feedback, too. We can see and relate to ourselves as the Soul-garbed-in-body that we truly are. And so can your children!

We have, it seems, finally come full circle. When people make change, they fall apart first. When human beings make change, their world falls apart first. A lot has fallen apart! The good news is this: It’s time to start putting ourselves and our world back together again, in new ways. For this we have new energies, new techniques, and new opportunities. These are exciting times, with fantastic new possibilities. I invite you to come along…..and bring the kids!

[author image=”” ]Ilene Dillon has dedicated her life to helping others become all they can be. An international authority on parenting consciously, emotions, and co-dependence, Ilene is now a founding mentor for Accessing Universal Intelligence. Listen to Full Power Living on Internet radio ( Ilene has been a Family Therapist in California for 41 years. Her greatest joy is to help you and your children live empowered and soul-filled lives. Contact [/author]

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