Top 5 Lessons Learned from Sports

  1. Respect Your Body- As an athlete you are trained to exercise regularly,eat well and sleep at least 7 hours a day. If you want your body to last, you have to maintain in properly. It is no accident that my size has not varied greatly all these years, and it has everything to do with discipline. You have to take care of yourself, even long after you retire from sports.
  2. Embrace Delayed Gratification– No one is an overnight success in the world of sports. It takes a lot of discipline and training to become an elite competitor. Especially in an age where everyone expects instant gratification, I believe it is key to develop this life-skill because the fact is any major accomplishment has to be earned over time.
  3. Criticism Isn’t A Bad Thing- Any decent coach is always going to point out areas where you can improve. Over the years, I learned to appreciate that only those that really care about my success are willing to provide feedback, both good and bad. I also developed the ability to voice my own constructive criticism, and little did any of us know back then how well this would serve me years later in attempting to revamp the field of family law.
  4. Play- We definitely work hard in sports, but we also play a lot. After all, none of the athletes I ever encountered pursued a sport they did not enjoy. We are a passionate bunch– it is about doing something you love, and doing it well while having fun. If you cannot find time to play, then what is the point???
  5. Life Goes On– We all know that you win some, you lose some, and this lesson is very apparent in sports. You can taste sweet victory one day, and suffer a crushing defeat the next. You can be at the top of your game one week, and next thing you know you get injured. We are all taught to work through the pain, and that without pain there is no gain. And should you choose to opt out, life does go on without you because there will always be more players to take part in the games.
Regina DeMeo

Regina DeMeo

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Regina is a top DC matrimonial lawyer, who is nationally recognized as a legal commentator and author on family law and divorce mediation.She has frequently been invited to speak for radio and tv, including Good Morning America.She has a weekly column on Love & Money, and previously hosted a weekly t.v. show, “Making It Last.”On her YouTube channel she invites various experts to share ideas for creating healthy families.
Regina DeMeo

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