Quick Tips for Handling School Aniexty

When school starts back up, parents get so preoccupied with the stress of immunizations and school supply shopping that they tend to forget their children could be experiencing even worse anxiety about going back to school. The doctors at MVP Kids Care in Phoenix understand it is common for kids to be anxious before they start school and want share these tips to ease back to school stress and anxiety.


  • Get your home ready for back to school.  Establish a comfortable homework corner and make lunches together the night before.
  • Help them feel comfortable in the new environment. Take them to visit the school, take a drive a few times back and forth to the school, and go over the basics (where they will hang their jacket, eat lunch, play).
  • Reassure them of the great parts of school– new friends, new clothes and supplies, assemblies.
  • Remind them they are not the only one that is nervous– reassure the child teachers, friends and even the parent is anxious but that it is completely normal.
  • Most importantly, keep an eye on the anxiety. Parents know their child best. If the anxiety seems severe or the parent believes there might be an underlying problem, such as a bully or anxiety disorder, it is important to contact the teacher as well as their pediatrician.
Dr. Harry L. Broome

Dr. Harry L. Broome

Pediatrician at MVP Kids Care
Dr. Broome is originally from Atlanta. He attended Davidson College then went to medical school at the University of North Carolina. He completed his pediatric residency at Phoenix Children's Hospital in 1996, is Board Certified, a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and continues to train pediatric residents and medical students.
Dr. Harry L. Broome

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