Lessons Learned From Kim Kardashian

Editor’s Note: #kimkardashian, Queen of her self-made kingdom, #REALLY?

By: Tracy Bennett, Ph.D.

In my opinion, Kim’s nudie-shootie screams as a call to action for parents everywhere to start teaching their kids about self worth, sexuality, and the true meaning of social media likes.

Here are a few of the issues I recommend you highlight to your daughters AND your sons to ensure they blossom into proud, intelligent, self-honoring adults:

  • Although your body is beautiful, exciting, and fun, a digital blast of it is not something you can control. You may think the message is your ownership of sexy, but the cutting criticism and mocking of others is not the messaging you want to have or that you can control. In other words, don’t ever take nude or provocative selfies. If Kim Kardashian’s style team can’t stop people from annihilating her with despicable criticisms, neither can you. As a thinking human being you have a responsibility to protect yourself from others being emotionally abusive just for the fun of it. Honor yourself by loving and protecting your body and the heart that it harbors.
  • The true seed of self worth comes from your soul, not your private parts. Who you are comes from intelligent reflection and acts of true kindness, not from social media exposure. Social media is fun, but means nothing beyond that. Keep it in perspective.
  • Your body, with all of its uniqueness, is powerfully worthy of love. We don’t have to have Kim’s skin which is the “golden color of whiskey, is free of wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines, blemishes, freckles, moles, under-eye circles, scars, errant eyebrow hairs or human flaws of any kind” to radiate true beauty. We are beautiful in the way we were born, not in the way we are digitally altered.
  • Wasting two hours executing a torturous beauty regimen is a waste of precious moments. Spend 15 minutes accentuating your “cute,” and the remaining 105 soaking in the true pleasures in your life, like your family, friends, pets, and the sunny blue sky. Those moments have true meaning, not eyeliner and mascara applications.
  • Kim’s last marriage lasted 72 days. She simply doesn’t have it right. But as a human being, she’s welcome to her journey without us hating on her…or emulating her. Our time is best spent becoming the best we can be. If Kim’s best is “her perceived lack of accomplishment,” then I challenge you to leave her to it. As the loving protectors of our children, our energies are best spent making sure our children aim far higher. Let’s love and support them in that journey by giving them our time, our validation, and our wisdom from lives lived passionately.


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© 2014 Tracy S. Bennett, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission. Original article: What Parents Need to Cover About Kim Kardashian’s Un-covering.

Tracy Bennett, PhD.

Tracy Bennett, PhD.

Mom, Clinical Psychologist, CSUCI AdjunctFaculty at GetKidsInternetSafe
Dr. Bennett is a grateful and happy mother of three, a clinical psychologist, and a university professor at CSUCI. Upon successfully managing Internet safety issues in her practice, she created www.GetKidsInternetSafe.com. Her passion is working with parents and kids to build a loving and trusting alliance and changing the world for the better.
Tracy Bennett, PhD.

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