Kids in the Kitchen – Monday Cooking Tip #6: Monday Cooking Tip: Kids Cooking Supplies

By Diana K. Rice, The Kids Cook Monday staff dietitianKids Cook Monday

If you have a young child, odds are that you either have a toy kitchen somewhere in your home or you know another family who does. Children naturally want to mimic the things they see adults doing every day, so toy kitchens are a natural fit. Of course, kids’ natural curiosity about cooking is a great reason to get them into your real kitchen, but for that task, toy pots and pans aren’t likely to cut i

You don’t have to buy any special tools to get your kid cooking – appropriately using the items you already have will work just fine – but some parents find that providing their sous chef with some designated culinary tools of her own helps pique her interest in the activity. Consider the following:

  • Plastic chef’s knife
  • Child-sized rolling pin
  • Colorful mixing spoons
  • Chop and scoop cutting board
  • Vegetable peeler with an easy to grip handle

Some brands make versions of these items just for kids, but you may also have luck with items from any kitchen store. Just make sure they don’t find their way to your toy kitchen!

Diana Rice

Diana K. Rice, RD is a registered dietitian on staff with The Kids Cook Monday, a non-profit initiative of The Monday Campaigns at The Kids Cook Monday
In her role as RD and recipe editor, Diana writes and speaks on the many benefits of introducing children to culinary and nutrition education in the home environment and works to provide parents and educators with high-quality resources to aid in the process. She is also an advocate for the many social and health benefits of regular family dinners. At The Monday Campaigns, Diana also contributes to the organization’s largest initiative, Meatless Monday.

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