Imagine: A Child’s Poem About Bullying

KidzEdge Magazine wants to hear from the kids as well.  This poem was submitted by Lauren Marin, age 10, who describes the pain felt by those who have experienced bullying.

Imagine being surrounded by girls and boys with no heart.
Their actions and snickers really do smart.

Imagine words that deeply sting.
Wishing to go home, when will the bell ring?

Telling you you cannot play.
You are a loser they like to say.

Thinking they are simply the best.
Actually, they are lower than the rest.

Walking around like they are cool.
To all of us, each is a fool.

Bullies are weak and do not belong.
Kind hearted kids are the ones who are strong.

[author image=”” ]Lauren Marin is a student in the 7th grade at Red Oak Academy. Her hobbies include ballroom dancing and baking. She has an impressive American Girl Doll collection. Miss Marin modeled as ‘Emily’ in the American Girl Fashion Show to raise funds for the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital in Hackensack, NJ.[/author]


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