The Growing Concern Over Protecting a Child’s Identity From Fraud

By: Brian Ansley

We’ve all heard about the dangers of identity theft and protecting ourselves online from fraud, but there is a growing concern from parents about how to protect their child’s identity. Whether we like it or not, children’s information is susceptible to fraud.

Information about a child saved in a company’s server can be just as easily hacked and defrauded as our own and can be even harder to detect. Because they are minors, compromised companies can’t protect child identity. Credit bureau monitoring and reporting services are limited to users over the age of 18. So how can parents protect their children from identity theft?

Watch this video to find out!

Bryan Ansley

Bryan Ansley

Bryan is the CEO of Secure Identity, a total identity monitoring, protection, and recovery service for financial institutions, businesses and families.
Bryan Ansley

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