Awesome Parenting in the Digital Age -Sex Ed Tips Part 2

By:  Tracy Bennett, PhD

Part 2 of a 4-Part Series:

Sex education doesn’t have to be a weird,uncomfortable lecture. When it is appropriate to the conversation, engage your kids in dialogue. Simple as that.

5 Opportunities You Shouldn’t Miss When Teaching Sex Ed to Your Kids!

  1.  Be prepared to have many small conversations over time rather than one BIG one. Keep it simple to start then gradually add more details as your children age and as their questions become more complex. Don’t sprint to the finish in one sitting just because you’re nervous. Your first conversation may last 20 seconds, then overtime they’ll be longer and more complex. Set up the forms today, pour the concrete later, then you still have the finish work. Educating your children is a process over many years to come. Don’t rush it.
  2.  Teach accurate body-part vocabulary while children are learning language. Also teach them discretion about when it’s appropriate to talk about those body parts and when it isn’t! Preschool is not the time to talk about vaginas and penises…
  3.  Take advantage of everyday activities (movies, articles, storytelling) to bring up sex ed topics.
  4. If you’re uncomfortable starting the conversation with your children directly, let them “overhear” a conversation with your mate at dinnertime then ask if they have questions. For example, “when I was 10 years old I had no idea how babies were made! Can you believe my first real education was…?”.
  5. When your daughter does start her period, take her for a special mother-daughter goddess outing to model open dialogue and the celebration of femininity. Avoid scaring her by acting like this is a dreaded or punishing event. Allowing sex ed to happen organically during a regular day with the family makes it much easier. It’s a healthy, natural part of life so why not discuss it here and there?

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© 2014 Tracy S. Bennett, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission.  Original article:  5 Opportunities You Shouldn’t Miss When Teaching Sex Ed to Your Kids! Part 2 of a 4-Part Series: “Sex Ed Tips For Awesome Parenting in the Digital Age”.

Tracy Bennett, PhD.

Tracy Bennett, PhD.

Mom, Clinical Psychologist, CSUCI AdjunctFaculty at GetKidsInternetSafe
Dr. Bennett is a grateful and happy mother of three, a clinical psychologist, and a university professor at CSUCI. Upon successfully managing Internet safety issues in her practice, she created Her passion is working with parents and kids to build a loving and trusting alliance and changing the world for the better.
Tracy Bennett, PhD.

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