Thank You Notes: Give Your Kids the Gift of Learning This Art Form

It’s a Gift!

I know, I know.  There is so much to do during the holidays; everyone is exhausted afterwards.  A simple verbal “Thanks, Grandma!” seems enough, maybe even to Grandma herself.  But we do our kids a disservice when we don’t teach them the art of the thank you note.  (And –trust me—Grandma will love receiving one.)

Knowing how to skillfully write a thank you note is a gift that your children can carry with them for life.  Besides responding to the generosity of others, it preps them for a thank you note that they will need to know how to write after job interviews.

But beside that, the simple act of expressing thanks is a gift to each person who does it.  Your children will feel good knowing that they have more than one mode to use to say thank you in any circumstance.

4 Easy Steps

Kristen Chase shares her thoughts, and the four easy steps that her mother taught her.

…there are all sorts of ways to write a thank-you card. And really, for a kid, especially one who can’t write well, just signing their name to something that they’ve drawn or scribbled on is a good habit to start.

For littler kids, I’ll let them dictate to me and then have them sign their name and/or draw a picture. And for older kids, I’d make them address the envelope too!

  1. A simple greeting
  2.  line thanking the person for their specific gift
  3. A line telling the person why you like it
  4. A photo or hand drawn picture

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Further Notes

…And, of course, a signature.

It important to be specific about what you are thanking the person for.   If it is a monetary gift, mention that, and say what you plan to use the money for.

Chase requires her daughter to write one thank you note a day until they are all done.  Some parents have a thank you note project day, getting them all done at once and having a celebratory party afterward.  I, and others I know, set all gifts aside and don’t use them, wear them, or play with them, until the thank you note for that item has been sent.

Do you already teach your kids the art of the thank you note?  Did this article inspire you do to do so?  What do you do at your house in response to the gifts you receive?  Please share!

And, after the holidays, come back and tell us how it went!

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