Raindrops Keep Falling On Our Heads

Every week, we ask a question of our readers and expert panelists on Facebook. This week’s question is a great one!

It’s raining. It’s pouring. What is your favorite indoor activity to keep your little ones from getting soaked with boredom?

Here’s what the experts have to say….

Carolyn Madrid-BramlettCarolyn Madrid Bramlett – My kids LOVE playing outside in the rain. As long as it’s not thundering and lightening, I let them.




Marcia_PRMarcia Tabram Philips – It’s a good thing to teach your children to enjoy rainy days, including out of doors, however, like Carolyn says, not when thundering or lightening and especially not seeking shelter under a tree when you hear thunder even if it sounds like its miles away.   Isn’t it wonder—FULL to share such simple joy! We can learn so much just communicating between the generations, creating and laughing and learning the kids automatic technology skills.




_P5O2568Julia Lee Simens – We loved the kitchen in the rain. Sometimes we would just play with one item and see how many different ways we could change it. Flour is a wonderful tool. We sifted it, wrote numbers/words in it, put it in a shaker and make it fall, color it, stamp it, walk in it, and finally made a paste with it. Amazing what you can do with 1 cup of flour and a free raining hour!


ileneIlene Dillon –  I just returned from a visit with my grandchildren, who are now teenagers. They had a litter of puppies, which kept us entertained for hours! It WAS raining (pouring). We played board games, did cooking projects (do you like kale chips made in the oven?), shared photos, watched a Mel Brooks movie (The Producer–hilarious), and shared YouTube videos! They’re not little, but their energy still was “cornered” by staying inside. We had a great time!

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