Can a Seasonal Table Save Your Sanity?

Let’s be honest.  Holidays can make us all nuts.  We’re just now getting started on the annual holiday lineup that starts with Halloween, plows through Thanksgiving, and, after Christmas, leaves us gasping for air.  We’re exhausted before New Year’s.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Rather than the commercialism that is alarmingly easy to get sucked into, let’s look at the seasons, and how they link in with our holidays, if we can just ignore the hype for a moment.

Jeanne Faulconer and her homeschooled children often change their table decorations.  This may sound like a small thing, but consider for a  moment what that entails. The hunt usually involves a walk outside, which can only help to refresh us.

Some items for the table are found on nature walks, some are taken from crafts projects her kids did in scouts.  Some include shells or other items from the animal world, and their display can include a magnifying glass for impromptu examination.

All of the above are great reasons for taking on this kind of project on a regular basis.  But Faulconer has another great point to all this.

Can a Seasonal Table Save Your Sanity?

One of the best things about creating a seasonal table is that gathering and placing the chosen items is a special occasion. Even a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day can be rescued with, “I know — let’s re-do the table today!”  A walk in the brisk air, the scavenger hunt for natural objects that are lovely to see and touch and smell and shake, the artful arranging and rearranging of the bounty — these refresh the senses and clear the cobwebs out of minds.     Read the entire article here:

I think this is a great idea any time of the year, but especially during holidays.  If you are like me, you have seen what the hype can do to kids. In contrast,  I consistently find that when kids can dig their fingers into nature, they automatically calm down.   In addition, when kids participate in creating seasonal tables, they can feel not only the joy of creativity, but also their own importance in the family to have contributed to their home environment.

I’m sharing this just before Halloween because I think that, as fun as it is for kids to wear wild costumes or play out fantasies of being fairies or superheroes, there is great joy in stepping outside in the fall daylight to take in – I mean, really take in – the vibrance of fall, to observe the dying part of the cycle of life, to be more aware of the barrenness of trees, and to ponder that when spring arrives again, these trees that may look lifeless now, will once again burst with fresh green.  It is valuable to ponder these things as we gather bright leaves and arrange them with other treasures we have found.

Really? Can a Seasonal Table Save Your Sanity?  Have you ever made table decorations with your kids?  What else do you do for your holidays and your seasons?  How do you make them meaningful for your family?  What are some of your family’s favorite activities?  Scroll down and share them with us!   Invite your friends into the discussion!

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