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As a fitness and strength trainer for the past 20 years, Chris has specialized in youth athletic performance, development and rehabilitation. He is passionate about creating systems that make it easy for kids, parents, coaches and educators, to properly integrate balanced physical, mental and emotional development. In addition to proper physical and nutrition development, Chris has expanded his focus to include how we perform in all areas of life, to express ourselves in achieving personally meaningful goals. Through this, we help create happy, fulfilled lives. He has created programs for and presented to fortune 500 companies such as M&M Mars, Wrigley and Ernst & Young, interviewed by JenningsWire and the Dr. Jerry Kennedy Show, and published online at sites such as Livestrong and iVillage. He is the author of The 3/4 Rule - How to eat as a young athlete and the upcoming book The Reflex - How to Create Thoughts, Words and Actions to Achieve Your Goals.

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